1025SE 1000 Series

.925 Sterling Silver Flute, Silver-Plated Mechanism, Drawn Tone Holes

1025 Alto Flute features a straight headjoint and an ergonomic body joint design, offering a more comfortable playing experiene with a straight headjoint.


Our specially-designed alto flute body joint provides comfort and ease for the serious flutists who prefer a straight headjoint. Its specially-designed key system Featuress unique placement of the left hand finger buttons, which not only releases muscle tension resulting from a bigger and heavier instrument. enabling a more comfortable playing experience. Moreover, the ergonomic design makes it more manageable to focus airflow on the straight head.

Material Composition

Sterling silver lip-plate, riser, headjoint, body and footjoint, nickel silver mechanism - silver plated - drawn tone holes

Comprised of 92.5% silver, Sterling Silver has long been the industry standard and widely accepted for making high quality flutes. This silver alloy is strengthened with copper to increase hardness. It is believed that sterling silver instruments possesses incredible resonance and rich colors in timbre.

Altus Scale

Altus flute maker Shuichi Tanaka and renowned British flutist William Bennett shared an admiration for Albert Cooper’s vision of updating and modernizing the traditional flute scale. They created the Altus Scale to provide effortless intonation, impeccably tuned harmonics, and exceptionally balanced registers, setting a new standard for flute design. This monumental achievement is one of the hallmarks of the great Altus flute making tradition.


.925 Sterling Silver flute, Silver-Plated Mechanism, Drawn Tone Holes, Offset G, Split E, C foot