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“I love my Altus flute. It has a vast variety of tonal colors ranging from warm and silky to rich and powerful. With its superb mechanism, in addition to the best intonation of any flute maker on the market today, I couldn’t wish for a better instrument.”
Denis Bouriakov
“Altus flutes capture the essence of human voice. And with William Bennett’s scale being at the essence of making these instruments, an intonation of the flutes is excellent. Great built and sound qualities go hand in hand in these superb flutes, which leaves no boundaries for musician’s artistry.”
Alena Walentin


The Altus 1207 fulfills the needs of professional flutists by providing a ringing sound and rich tonal palette. ✨ #Repost @justfluteslondon ・・・ ❇️ Brilliant and agile, the Altus 1207 is a full-silver handmade flute that would make any professional flute player happy! The 1207 is an all-sterling instrument with drawn toneholes, except the C# tonehole, which is soldered. This particular specimen is equipped with a B foot, offset G, split E, open holes, and a C# trill key, everything you may need in the course of daily playing!❇️
#Repost @marcoflute ・・・ A little Brazilian Choro from NFA’s Gala concert. “Um a Zero” by Pixinguinha with Hadar Noiberg, Sergio Morais, Vitor Gonçalves, Clarice Cast and yours truly. #altusflutes
Altus Bass Flute 🤩 #Repost @flutecenterofny ・・・ Helloooo August☀️ New month means a fresh start! What's on your goal list for this month? Let us know down below! -- 📷: Altus Bass #B322
18k gold and silver. Truly precious metal 😍 @nfaflute #nfaflute2023 #altusflutes