XO Arts

“I love my Altus flute. It has a vast variety of tonal colors ranging from warm and silky to rich and powerful. With its superb mechanism, in addition to the best intonation of any flute maker on the market today, I couldn’t wish for a better instrument.”
Denis Bouriakov
“Altus flutes capture the essence of human voice. And with William Bennett’s scale being at the essence of making these instruments, an intonation of the flutes is excellent. Great built and sound qualities go hand in hand in these superb flutes, which leaves no boundaries for musician’s artistry.”
Alena Walentin


We are most delighted to meet everyone from around the world last night at the live stream. Thank you for joining, even if it was 10pm. Thanks again to Alena Walentin, for cooperating with us on this amazing birthday concert.
Altus Artist Alena Walentin online concert Live now: https://youtu.be/3aMmdWHFmq4
Sneak peek into today’s concert venue. Aren’t you excited about the acoustics? Go to the concert: https://youtu.be/3aMmdWHFmq4
Here it starts! Altus Artist Lorna McGhee playing Saariaho flute concerto "Aile du Songe."