XO Arts

“I love my Altus flute. It has a vast variety of tonal colors ranging from warm and silky to rich and powerful. With its superb mechanism, in addition to the best intonation of any flute maker on the market today, I couldn’t wish for a better instrument.”
Denis Bouriakov
“Altus flutes capture the essence of human voice. And with William Bennett’s scale being at the essence of making these instruments, an intonation of the flutes is excellent. Great built and sound qualities go hand in hand in these superb flutes, which leaves no boundaries for musician’s artistry.”
Alena Walentin


The cherry blossom is blooming in our Altus Azumino factory!😍🌸 Do you want to play the flute with us under the Sakura trees?🌸
Today is Sakura's Day(さくらの日) in Japan.🌸 People enjoy sakura-watching not only in the morning but also at night. While the sky gets dark, there would be lights illuminating the sakuras at night. In Japan, people call it 夜桜 (Yozakura)🌙🌸 What would you want to do with the Yozakura? Cuisine, drinks, or some flute music?
As the WBC starts now... Be aware of Player Altus's home run!⚾️🎶
Feb 22 is Cat's Day in Japan!🐱🐱 In Japanese, the pronunciation of "2" is "ni", and it sounds like a cat's meow in Japanese ("nya"). That's why today is Cat's Day nya-nya-nya!!! These two adorable pictures were drawn by Wibb.❤️ We hope you enjoy the pictures, too.