ALII Legend Series

ALII was developed through Altus's constant pursuit for the traditional flute sound. To revive the beautiful sound, Altus analyzed the elements of silver materials at the time. Through trial and error, we finally succeeded in reproducing the sound with the component of 94.6% silver and several other metals. Hereafter, Ag946 became Altus Silver and is exclusive to Altus.


Altus silver lip-plate and riser, Altus silver seamed headjoint, body and footjoint, silver mechanism - soldered tone holes

Keys: Closed / Open

Foot: C-foot / B-foot

Split-E Mechanism: Available (offset only)

Open G# system: Available (offset, G# lever offset)

Inline / Offset: Available (offset only for closed hole models)

Embouchure: New S Type / Z Type / VA Type

Lipplate & Riser options:

14K & 18K gold available

Key Options:

C# trill key

D# roller (B-foot)

Wall Thickness:

Heavy wall

Plating Options:

18K gold


Hand Engraving: Available