Product Information

What is the difference between the silver materials on a flute?


Altus Flutes offers four silver materials for flutists with different preferences and purposes to choose from. We offer Sterling Silver (.925), Altus SilverTM (.946), Britannia Silver (.958), and Pristine Silver (.997) on our product line. Different from one another in purity, the silvers project with distinct tone quality. Moreover, the silver particles are structured differently if applied with different manufacturing process. Together with our innovation in metallurgy, Altus has brought the best out of the materials to create the most impressive spectrum of tone colors in our product offering. Please explore our different flutes through our Product pages.

How do I customize my Altus flute?

The availability for options are different from model to model. Please choose a model that you like, and check out its product page on the SPEC section. Go to "FIND YOUR FLUTE" section to discover "the one" for you. The available custom options are specified in the section. Click "here" to find out more information about Altus customization.

Warranty Information

How do I get warranty service for my Altus Flutes?

We provide warranty service through our distributors. Click here to contact Altus local distributors for warranty service.

What do I do when my flute needs repair service?

Please contact the authorized Altus dealer where you purchased the product with all available detail information of your flute.

Where to buy

Can I buy directly from Altus?

You can purchase Altus products through an authorized Altus dealer. We sell across the globe and feel free to check out here to find out where we are.

How can I find a retailer near me?

Click here to find Altus distributors for authorized dealers.

Artist Sponsorships

Who is on your International artist roster?

For a complete list of Altus international artists, click here.

How to become an Altus artist?

We would love to cooperate with talents throughout the world. Our local distributors support us in discovering, cooperating and planning events with flutists. Please contact your local Altus partners for more detail on the Altus Artist Policy and pitch your cooperation proposal.