Product Information

What makes your flutes stand out from others in terms of craftsmanship?

The fine-tuned intonation contributes to the tonal depth and vast colors of our flutes. The superbly designed mechanism allows for a long-term integrity. Please visit our Product Design page here to learn more about the meticulous design of our flutes.

Can you highlight the materials used in the construction of your premium flute models?

Altus Flutes offers four silver materials for flutists with different preferences and purposes. We offer Sterling Silver (.925), Altus Silver (.946), Britannia Silver (.958), and Pristine Silver (.997) on our product line. Different from one another in purity, the silvers project with distinct tone quality. Moreover, the silver particles are structured differently if applied with different manufacturing process. Together with our innovation in metallurgy, Altus has brought the best out of the materials to create the most impressive spectrum of tone colors in our product offering. Please explore our different flutes through our product pages or the Altus distributors in your local area.

What options are available for customization?

The availability for options is different from model to model. Please choose a model that you like, and check out its product page on the SPEC section.

What are the Altus Ring Key Patches?

Please visit our Altus Ring Key Patches introduction page for more detailed information and a tutorial video.

Are there specific care instructions for the unique materials used in your flutes?

Ensuring the longevity and optimal performance of your flute requires proper care and maintenance. Follow these guidelines:

1. Clean the flute after each practice session:
To maintain the instrument's integrity, it's essential to clean it regularly. After each practice session, gently wipe the exterior with a soft cloth to remove fingerprints and moisture. Additionally, use a cleaning rod and a lint-free cloth to clean the interior of the flute, paying particular attention to the headjoint, body joint, and footjoint. This routine not only keeps your flute looking pristine but also prevents the build-up of dirt or debris that can affect its sound quality over time.

2. Store the flute in its case:
When not in use, always store your flute in its designated case. This provides protection against environmental factors such as humidity and oxidation. Flutes are sensitive to changes in moisture and air, which can impact their performance and lifespan. Keeping the instrument in its case helps maintain a stable environment, preserving the quality of the materials and preventing potential damage.

3. Schedule regular check-ups:
Consider sending your flute for a comprehensive check-up on an annual or regular basis. It is advised to visit the Altus dealer or flute pro shop where you purchased the instrument. Professional technicians can assess and address any potential issues, ensuring that your flute remains in optimal condition. Regular maintenance by experienced professionals helps identify and resolve minor concerns before they become more significant problems, contributing to the overall longevity and performance of your flute.

Warranty Information

What kind of warranty is provided with the purchase of your flutes?

Altus flutes are sold exclusively through our global network of distributors and retailers, through whom warranty service is provided. Click here to find the distributor in your region and locate a dealer.

How can I access customer support and services if I encounter any issues with my flute?

Altus flutes are sold exclusively through our global network of distributors and retailers. Click here to find the distributor in your region and locate a dealer for repair or adjustment services.

Where to buy

How can I place an order for a customized flute, and what is the estimated delivery time?

Customized flutes are quoted by request. You are advised to consult our authorized Altus distributors and dealers for options and the delivery time. We sell across the globe and feel free to check out here to find out where the nearest Altus distributor is.

Do you offer international shipping, and what are the associated costs and delivery times?

We only sell through the distributors. Click here to find out our global locations.

Artist & Event Sponsorships

How to become an Altus artist?

We would love to cooperate with talents throughout the world. Our local distributors support us in discovering, cooperating and planning events with flutists. Please contact your local Altus partners for more detail on the Altus Artist Policy and pitch your cooperation proposal.

How do I initiate collaborations with Altus?

Initiating collaborations with Altus is a straightforward process. For inquiries and collaboration proposals, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at altus.service@khsmusic.com, or leave a message via our Contact Us Kindly provide a detailed overview of your collaboration proposal, including your background, the nature of the collaboration you're proposing, and any relevant details that would help us understand the scope and potential benefits.

Our team at Altus is always open to exploring new partnerships and collaborations with individuals, artists, and organizations that share a passion for music and excellence. We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can create meaningful and harmonious collaborations together.