A13 Legend Series

As the first flute manufacturer to introduce .958 Silver into the production, Altus led the way in the constant pursuit for beautiful Louis Lot flute sound and quality flute-making. The Altus A13 incorporates the .958 Silver and the modern seamless tubing technology, resulting in the creating of A13.


Sterling silver lip-plate and riser, Britannia silver headjoint, body and footjoint, silver mechanism - drawn tone holes

Keys: Closed / Open

Foot: C-foot / B-foot

Split-E Mechanism: Available (offset only)

Open G# system: Available (offset only)

Inline / Offset: Available (offset only for closed hole models)

Embouchure: New S Type / Z Type / VA Type

Lipplate & Riser options:

14K & 18K gold available

Key Options:

C# trill key

D# roller (B-foot)

Wall Thickness:

Medium heavy wall

Heavy wall

Plating Options:

18K gold


Hand Engraving: Available