A55 14K Gold Series

14K gold flutes combine the best of both worlds, offering the rich and smooth colors of gold's unique blending ability, and silver's capacity for a large degree of projection. 14K gold's tone color is dark and warm and its response is both flexible and pure. This material has been fairly popular throughout the years.


14K gold lip-plate, riser, headjoint, body, footjoint, post, rib, ring, silver mechanism - soldered tone holes

Keys: Closed / Open

Foot: C-foot / B-foot

Split-E Mechanism: Available (offset only)

Open G# system: Available (offset, G# lever offset)

Inline / Offset: Available (offset only for closed hole models)

Embouchure: New S Type / Z Type / VA Type

Lipplate & Riser options:

18K gold

Key Options:

C# trill key

D# roller (B-foot)

Hand Engraving: Available