1021 Straight & Curved Headjoint

1021 Alto Flute offers both straight and curved headjoint with the standard body joint design, offering flexibility for different needs and occasions.

Straight & Curved Headjoint

Altus 1021 Alto offers both straight and curved headjoints which gives flexibility to flutists of all sorts, either solo performers or orchestra/ensemble flutists. With the two headjoints at your disposal, you will be given the most comfortable and convenient performing experience.

Material Composition

Sterling silver lip-plate, riser, headjoint, body and footjoint, nickel silver mechanism - silver plated - drawn tone holes


Comprised of 92.5% silver, Sterling Silver has long been the industry standard and widely accepted for making high quality flutes. This silver alloy is strengthened with copper to increase hardness. It is believed that sterling silver instruments possesses incredible resonance and rich colors in timbre.

silver plated all over

Altus Flutes looks into detail manufacturing our products. Our Alto Flutes are silver plated over all. Not only does it give the flutes extra resistence and strengthen the sound quality, but this also allows them to have a nice, consistent look.

Keys: Closed

Foot: C-foot

Split-E Mechanism: Standard