Altus Introducing New Concert Flute Range in 2024

Altus Unveils the Altus Concert Flute Range 2024: Elevating Musical Expression through Innovative Design

[Taipei, 2024.02.05] – Altus Flutes, a pioneer in crafting exceptional musical instruments, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Altus Concert Flute Range. Dedicated to advancing the art of flute playing, the new range embodies Altus' commitment to providing musicians with instruments that serve as superior tools for unlimited musical expression.

Enhanced Intonation and Projection: Elevating Musical Performance to New Heights

Altus has always strived to enhance the musical experience for performers, and the Altus Concert Flute Range in 2024 is no exception. The core values driving the development of this range include a focus on making the instruments a better tool for unlimited musical expression and ensuring that the flutes are equipped with in-tune harmonics.

Key Features:

  • New Embouchure Design (New S): A revolutionary embouchure design that enhances playability and tonal richness.
  • New Padding & Key Cup Design: Improvements in pad stability and key cup diameter contribute to a more reliable and enjoyable playing experience.
  • Enhanced Intonation: The New Altus Concert Flute Range is meticulously crafted to deliver superior intonation, providing musicians with the precision they demand.


  • Shuichi Tanaka, Co-Founder and Chief Designer: "We believe that the flute is a tool used by performers when expressing themselves. To improve the intonation and enhance the pad stability, we have conducted extensive research. The improvement in the relationship between tone hole size and pad size contributes to the stability of the pads."

  • Denis Bouriakov, Altus Ambassador and Principal Flute of LA Philharmonic: "If you tried an Altus a few years ago, I would definitely encourage you to try it again now. This update is one of the biggest - especially with the key cup size. I noticed my new PS (PSII) has a bigger body to it when you play. It projects a little easier. I don't have to push. I definitely love the new design."

  • Michael Cox, Altus Ambassador and Principal Flute of BBC Symphony Orchestra: "My new flute and me, I think it's love, basically! Altus generally offers overall excellence with phenomenal mechanism, good tuning scale, superb articulation response, a beautiful sound world, and a ridiculous dynamic range when you need it."

  • Alena Walentin, Altus Ambassador, Professor at the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, The Royal Danish Academy: "These flutes have sensitive mechanics, even tonal balance, exceptional quality, and flexibility. The new flutes are the natural evolution and refinement of already much-loved instruments by professional musicians worldwide."

Altus was founded on friendships, collaborations, intense research, and a passionate devotion to music by Co-Founder and Chief Designer Shuichi Tanaka, Co-Founder Wu Hsieh of KHS Musical Instrument, and renowned British flutist William Bennett.

Title:New Altus Range Revealed!Description:Big news!! Altus has launched an entire new range of concert flutes. Embark on a musical odyssey with us as we delve into the journey of Altus ambassadors, Denis Bouriakov, Michael Cox, Alena Walentin. From product development to finding a sound that expresses your identity and human emotions, this video is going to answer all your questions about the new product range.