Alena Walentin New Album with Delicate Music for Flute and Piano by Joachim Andersen

In an exciting collaboration with Dacapo Records, the Danish national label for classical and new music, Alena Walentin and Berit Johansen Tange are set to enchant audiences with their new album featuring delicate compositions for flute and piano by Joachim Andersen.

The album showcases the artistry of Alena Walentin, a renowned flutist, and Berit Johansen Tange, a skilled pianist. Their interpretation of Andersen's compositions promises a captivating musical journey, offering listeners a glimpse into the rich legacy of this influential musician.

Dacapo Records, known for its commitment to promoting exceptional classical and new music, provides the perfect platform for this collaboration. The label's dedication to musical excellence aligns seamlessly with the artistic vision of Walentin and Tange, making this album a highly anticipated addition to the classical music repertoire.

Stay tuned for the release of this exquisite album, where the enchanting partnership of Alena Walentin and Berit Johansen Tange brings Joachim Andersen's timeless compositions to life.

Joachim Andersen (1847–1909) charted an exceptionally diverse path in his career. At the heart of it, he stood as a founding member of the Berlin Philharmonic, adroitly balancing roles as a conductor and a solo flautist of great renown. His legacy includes the composition of eight volumes of études, now considered a cornerstone of the flute repertoire. Andersen emerges as a composer deeply rooted in his era, a sentiment vividly expressed through the enchanting and emotionally resonant tapestry of his works for flute and piano. This essence springs to life in these performances, impeccably interpreted by Alena Walentin and Berit Johansen Tange.