5207 (A52) Handmade Series

14K Gold Flute, Drawn Tone Holes

Experience the warmest, deepest, darkest tone by choosing our handmade 14 Karat gold flutes. Embrace the luxurious look and feel of some of the finest flutes available today. These flutes have pure silver sintered hinge tubes, a sterling silver mechanism, and include a C# trill key and a D# roller.


The 5207 Altus includes drawn tone holes and a Sterling Silver mechanism.

Material Composition

14K gold lip plate, riser, headjoint, body and footjoint, silver post, rib, ring and mechanism - drawn tone holes

The process to create the sintered 99.7% silver key pipes is unique to Altus. Powdered silver metal is compacted at a high temperature to fuse particles together directly into a rigid tube, strengthening our key pipe structure and increasing playability.

Altus Scale

Altus flute maker Shuichi Tanaka and renowned British flutist William Bennett shared an admiration for Albert Cooper’s vision of updating and modernizing the traditional flute scale. They created the Altus Scale to provide effortless intonation, impeccably tuned harmonics, and exceptionally balanced registers, setting a new standard for flute design. This monumental achievement is one of the hallmarks of the great Altus flute making tradition.


14 Karat gold flute, .925 sterling silver mechanism with .997 pure silver hinge tubes, Open hole, Offset G, Drawn tone holes (5207) or soldered tone holes (5407), C# trill key, Low B foot with D# roller and Gizmo key



In-line G, Split E