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“I love my Altus flute. It has a vast variety of tonal colors ranging from warm and silky to rich and powerful. With its superb mechanism, in addition to the best intonation of any flute maker on the market today, I couldn’t wish for a better instrument.”
Denis Bouriakov
“Altus flutes capture the essence of human voice. And with William Bennett’s scale being at the essence of making these instruments, an intonation of the flutes is excellent. Great built and sound qualities go hand in hand in these superb flutes, which leaves no boundaries for musician’s artistry.”
Alena Walentin


It's Bach Friday!!!🤩 What's in your shopping cart?🛒🛒🛒 Illustration by @boxing_webber
Today is Dog's Day in Japan. 🐶🐶🐶 The pronunciation of dog's bark is ワン ワン ワン in Japanese, which sounds like "One one one". That's why Dog's Day is on 11/1 in Japan.😆 Do you like the dog Wibb sketched? Do you feel a sense of warmth like I do seeing his drawings? 🥰
Posted @withrepost • @justfluteslondon 🌟 Now THIS is a special new arrival! We've just taken delivery of the flagship model of the Altus silver lineup, the 1807 AL "Altus Limited" model, made of Altus" proprietary 94.6% silver alloy (with many special "secret ingredients" added to make up the other 5.4%), and it is gorgeously clad in a sumptuous layer of 18k rose gold 😍 You can tell immediately that is an AL by the elegant Louis Lot-style ring on the headjoint! 😍 Contact us now for a trial, this is sure to fly out the door soon! 🌟 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #flutes #flutelife #flutelove #flutelyfe #fluteshop #flutepower #justbeauts #fluteswag #silverflute #Altus #Altusflutes #justflutes #justfluteslondon #flutography #18kgold #rosegold #gold #goldflute #Atsui
Posted @withrepost • @altusflutesusa We are proud to announce the signing of Marco Granados to the Altus artist roster. Marco is one of the world's leading flutists with a versatile career as a musician and educator. His flute of choice is the Altus 5407. We are honored to have him as part of the Altus family! Learn more about Marco here: www.marcogranados.com #altusflutes #altusartists #altuslove #altusfans