807 Standard Series

A beginner Altus model that welcomes you into the family of professional flutes.


807 is your best beginner choice for the professional flute line. The handmade sterling silver lipplate and riser offers you a classic and standard flute sound. With our Altus scale, this model will be any beginner flutist's best companion on a musical journey.

Material Composition

  • Lipplate & Riser: Ag925 (Sterling Silver) 
  • Headjoint: Nickel Silver
  • Body: Nickel Silver
  • Key: Nickel Silver
  • Finish: Silver-plated
  • Spring: Stainless Steel

Keys: Closed / Open

Foot: C-foot / B-foot

Split-E Mechanism: Available (Offset only)

Open G# system: Available (Offset only)

Inline / Offset: Available

Embouchure: S-Cut / Z-Cut

Key Options:

C# trill key

Plating Options:

18K gold