PS Handmade Series

A flute with a unique expressiveness and impeccable sonority. Our one-of-a-kind PS model is created with our exclusive high purity silver (Ag997), and the innovated sintered tubing technology.


It is an exemplification of the utmost brilliance which not only the flutist can feel the vibration of the instrument, but the audience also becomes captivated by its tonal beauty. The combination of material and technology innovation has made it possible for our PS model to produce the characteristic, powerful, dynamic, and pure sound that conventional high purity silver flutes have never been able to express before.

Altus Scale

An instrument’s scale is determined by the size and placement of each of the tone holes and their relationship to each other. This crucial design aspect allows flutists to play with accurate intonation and effortless tone.

Altus flute maker Shuichi Tanaka and renowned British flutist William Bennett shared an admiration for Albert Cooper’s vision of updating and modernizing the traditional flute scale. Mr. Tanaka created the Altus Scale in cooperation with Mr. Bennett with vast performance experience and quest for precise intonation.

The collaboration of Tanaka and Bennett set a new standard for flute design. The Altus Scale was carefully designed to provide effortless intonation, impeccably tuned harmonics, and exceptionally balanced registers. This monumental achievement is one of the hallmarks of the great Altus flute making tradition.

Material Composition

Sterling silver lip-plate and riser, 997 silver headjoint, body and footjoint, silver mechanism - soldered tone holes


Our exclusive high purity silver tube is made possible only through highly innovative sinter technology. Sinter technology creates mechanically- and physically-enhanced tubes by compacting the silver powder under great pressure, which solves the problem of pure silver being too soft for traditional flute making. This unique process produces a dense and brilliant hard silver tube with supreme projecting qualities.

Sintered Tubing

A process unique to Altus where powdered silver metal is compacted at a high temperature to fuse particles together directly into a rigid tube.

Reliable Key Pipes

Altus Handmade Series feature Pristine Silver with powder metallurgy, a process where powdered silver metal is compacted at high pressure to fuse particles together directly into a rigid tube, to strengthen our key pipe structure and increase playability and sustainability.

Soldered Tone Holes

The tone hole chimneys are formed separately and then soldered to the flute joint. This process allows for a consistent wall thickness around the holes and thus enables an even better resonance and timbre.

Keys: Closed / Open

Foot: C-foot / B-foot

Split-E Mechanism: Available

Open G# system: Available (offset, G# lever offset)

Inline / Offset: Available (Offset only for closed hole models)

Embouchure: S-Cut / Z-Cut / V-Cut

Lipplate & Riser options:

14K & 18K gold available

Key Options:

C# trill key

D# roller

C# roller

Pitch options:

A = 442, 440, 445

Plating Options:

18K gold


Hand Engraving: Available