Brand Story

Inspiration and Innovation

For 40 years, Altus has hand-crafted flutes that embody the ideals of vintage inspiration and modern technology. Created by Master Flute Maker Shuichi Tanaka, each Altus flute reflects his passion to combine the finest playing flutes with the premium materials and artistry. The meticulous design of the Altus flute and its acclaimed Altus scale™ offers excellent intonation, carefully tuned harmonics and balanced registers. The masterfully hand-sculpted headjoints and precision tubings produce the remarkable sound of the Altus flute.

  • 1970-1990
  • 1991~2010
  • 2011~
  • Mr. Tanaka met British flutist William Bennett. Their shared interests in music, culture and flute making developed into a friendship and close collaboration. This partnership led to the development of the ALTUS scale, an integral part of these extraordinary instruments.

  • In 1981, derived from the Latin word “altus” connoting "high," "deep," and "noble," Altus Flutes was established to design the world-class handmade flutes tailored for professional musicians.

  • 1007, 1207, 1407 were released, made of Coin Silver for a decade.

  • 1507 made its debut as a seam tube model.

  • Started incorporating .958 Silver into the product line-up.

  • Nestled among the serene mountains of Azumino Japan, Altus Factory officially set foot in this beautiful building designed by Founder Shuichi Tanaka.

  • Renewed all product line-up.

  • Started supplying “Azumino Japan” products

  • Altus 1107, 1307, 1507 were released.

  • 1507 was updated to a seamless tube model, endorsed by British flute player Rodrick Seed.

  • 1607 was introduced as a successor of 1507, endorsed by Robert Aitken.

  • Altus attended the National Flute Association (NFA).

  • PS was introduced to the product line-up, featuring .997 Silver made with powder metallurgy.

  • Endorsed by LA Philharmonic Principal Flutist Denis Bouriakov and concert flutist Alena Walentin.

  • AL was introduced to the world, featuring a build-up of an exclusive alloy - Altus Silver (Ag946) and seam tubing process. This model serves as the realization of Altus's admiration for the vintage flute sound.

  • Endorsed by world-leading flutists including William Bennett, Lorna McGhee, and Michael Cox.

  • PSD was introduced as a successor of PS with drawn tone holes.

  • Endorsed by the renowned flutist Zoya Viazovskaya.

  • Altus 20th Anniversary.

  • The Altus 'Voice of Artist", or "VA" Type headjoint was created.

  • Altus 40th Anniversary